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Why Kirsten Dunst Appreciates Chivalry

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The best way to make headlines is to swim upstream against conventional wisdom. Increasingly, however, going against conventional wisdom seems to mean a return to traditional ideas.

Such is the case with actress Kirsten Dunst. According to a recent interview in Net-A-Porter fashion magazine, Dunst isn’t necessarily on board with the “find-a-feminist-boyfriend” trend. Instead, Ms. Dunst appreciates the male who treats her like a lady and exhibits gentlemanly characteristics:

“‘I appreciate old-fashioned manners,’ explains Dunst. ‘I want a guy to pay for dinner and open the door for me. I love the masculine; I’ve dated men who had more of a feminine side and it didn’t work.’”

Today’s culture continually encourages women to shun gentlemanly courtesies and pursue men who shy away from traditional masculine qualities. But as Ms. Dunst seems to recognize, perhaps such a scenario isn’t as rosy as it sounds.


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Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist is the editor of Intellectual Takeout. When not writing or editing, she enjoys reading, gardening, and time with family and friends.

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What makes a woman feel feminine is when a masculine man ACTS like a MAN and treats her like a WOMAN. And every well-adjusted woman loves to feel feminine. Women are drawn irresistibly to masculine qualities. All of the liberal feminist bullcrap in pop culture and Hollyweird and academia is just that -- bullcrap. In fact the best way for a man to repulse a woman is to display feminine qualities and characteristics. That will make a woman's skin crawl. Does the average feminist or male-wannabe-feminist-wussbag ever wonder why it is that "bad boys" have virtually unlimited power with women ? ? ? Masculinity is like catnip to women -- even to 99% of women who claim to hate masculinity.