Danger and Disgrace on Inauguration Day

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On Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2021, 25,000 National Guard soldiers will be assembled in Washington D.C., ostensibly to protect our nation’s capitol from rioters and insurrectionists. Various federal agencies requested the Guard, and governors from across the United States complied with that request. Hundreds more federal and local law officials will also stand watch in the streets and buildings. Enormous walls of wire and concrete now surround the Capitol building.

Meanwhile, citing the dangers of the coronavirus, the incoming administration has decided to hold the inauguration virtually. There will be no open-air ceremony attended by thousands of supporters.

Let’s step back and examine this scenario. Our capitol now boasts two divisions of soldiers to prevent rioting or protests. The soldiers and police, we assume, have the ability to stop any passer-by and request identification. Ugly barricades designed to keep out armed intruders now speak volumes about the state of our nation.

Were we outsiders looking at these measures in a rational way, we might deduce that the United States is now in a state of civil war. Perhaps we might conclude that this nation’s leaders live in fear of the very citizens they purport to govern. Some might surmise that this show of force is a warning, a shot across the bow implying the government now has the guns and the willpower to crush its citizens if it so chooses.

Whatever the case, this massive gathering of troops and police puts our nation to shame. The rest of the world must look on us with either amazement or disgust.

This military occupation of Washington D.C. also raises some questions.

When some in the previous administration advocated putting National Guard troops on our border to prevent what amounts to an invasion of our country, why did so many on the left resist that measure?

When rioters were burning and looting our cities all summer long, and some wished to send the Guard to put a stop to those thugs and vandals, why did some governors refuse to use the military to quell these riots?

How long will the National Guard remain in Washington? What exactly is their mission statement? All military units have mission statements, but do we know what our leaders intend to do with this force once Inauguration Day has passed?

The swell of troops to our nation’s capitol is a disconcerting sight. Is this show of force based on real information and apprehension about an armed mob entering the city? Or is it intended to go hand-in-hand with the recent attacks on some members of our Congress and Big Tech’s silencing of thousands of Americans, including a presiding president, to drive home the point that the government now in charge will brook no nonsense about such freedoms as those of speech and assembly? Do we still live in a republic or are we now in a dictatorship?

On Monday evening, Jan. 18, Tucker Carlson rightly railed against this massive turnout of soldiers and the dangerous suggestions of a Congressman and a retired colonel, with the latter advocating for the military to put down domestic terrorists. In this case he apparently meant those who voted for Donald Trump. You can watch this video and read Andrea Widburg’s accompanying article here.

Near the end of this article, Widburg writes:

What’s even more disturbing about the military presence is that, as Tucker points out, it appears that the Pentagon has thrown its weight entirely to the Democrat party. Certainly, it is following the ludicrous ‘insurrection’ narrative. We see clearly that the one institution in America that was entirely non-partisan, at least at the upper levels, has become just another part of the Deep State. It seems that Obama succeeded in changing management in the Pentagon.

I am writing these words the day before the inauguration. With the possible exception of Antifa and other leftist radicals, I’ve heard nothing of an armed militia descending on Washington D.C.

What I have heard since November’s election, and since the riot in the Capitol building earlier this month, are smears from the mainstream media, and many of our technocrats and politicians. They have savaged people like Trump and others, accusing them of advocating revolution. They have in turn savaged the rest of us who oppose fraudulent elections and the storm of restrictive measures coming from the newly elected administration.


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Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick lives in Front Royal, Virginia, and may be found online at jeffminick.com. He is the author of two novels, Amanda Bell and Dust on Their Wings, and two works of non-fiction, Learning as I Go and Movies Make the Man.

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It's all part of the plan to paint Conservatives as a threat. This is well orchestrated, I don't know by who but can guess, to raise the perception to the point that people who don't know any better will be asking the government to suppress the rights of half the population by any means possible. Shades of 1930's Germany...


Rowana F
You and Mr. Minick see what's happening. Not even thirty years ago did I think I'd see the USA turn into this! I used to think these dystopian stories were mainly just interesting explorations of "what if," but they no longer seem very outlandish.
Account Photo
They are calling into question the idea of by the people and for the people. Where was this response in any of the truly damaged cities this past year? The silence says so much


False flag operations used to be limited to third world countries. This is the first major one I have noticed in the USA, Probably there will be more in the future if this was not sufficient to quell resistance.


Yes, all those people at the Trump rally who listened to his instructions and marched to the capitol are all deep state antifa plants! Heck, I bet half of Trump's rallies are really undercover antifa!
1/20/21 -- another day that will live in infamy .


Oh God, this is your takeaway from the capitol hill insurrection? Not the part about how reality and conspiracist beliefs (the election was stolen narrative) that a ridiculously high number of Republican voters seriously believe? Not the part about how our country embraced a narcissistic con-artist? The left isn't the only side due for some soul searching. Maybe take a critical look at your own tribe before you obsess about the next dumb leftist college student at Oberlin. We're talking 3/4 of all Republicans believing in a lie ("the election was stolen! We're victims!") and showing they are incapable of rational thought.


Account Photo
If you think the election had any credibility you should welcome an investigation. The courts had a chance to defuse this but they punted. If there are questions, answer them. Ignoring the situation leaves half the electorate believing their most sacred right has been taken from them.