FBI Bends Its Knee to the Mob

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While they were supposed to be on patrol to protect our nation’s capital from looters, a large group from the FBI’s Washington field office encountered a mob. Wearing their FBI insignia, sidearms, and tactical vests, they bent their knees in servitude to the movement sweeping the country and grasping at the levers of American power.

Citizens might have hoped the FBI would take the side of the law against the identitarian mob looting, rioting, and generally plaguing our cities. Police are being shot, stabbed, dragged through the streets, and run over at an alarming rate. Peaceful merchants aren’t being protected by the police and are savagely beaten when they futilely try to reason with the mob.

The FBI’s response? Surrender without a shot fired. How long before their new masters put the FBI to work bringing about the revolution?

The slogans, “white privilege,” and “white silence is violence,” point to the mass struggle sessions we can anticipate as the politics of the streets spills into corporate and government training sessions. In 2020, we hear condemnations of the oppressor racial class that could have been lifted from propaganda in past tragedies against Jews, Tutsi, and Kulaks. The targets change but the script is startlingly un-original: A single flashpoint is used to justify rage against an ethnic group accused of oppressing the masses.

The “struggle sessions” pioneered by mass murderer Mao Zedong masquerade as open forums in which everyone is encouraged to speak freely. In practice, the sessions are a means of detecting dissidents and bullying fence-sitters into seeking safety through conversion to the rigidity of the cult.

Some join in confessing their privilege in a vain effort to protect their professional and emotional safety. Members of the alleged oppressor class are forced to apologize over and over again. But no amount of apology can answer the question of what to do with a group of oppressors who still cannot change their benighted ethnicity after 1,000 apologies. Struggle sessions quickly politicize nominally apolitical institutions. Purity replaces competency. In China, that led to the starvation deaths of 40 million and perhaps another 40 million in the subsequent reign of terror that silenced questions and objections to incompetent leadership.

The FBI, particularly in D.C., has proven itself an invaluable instrument of left wing-inspired persecution for some time. It uses ambiguous laws like FARA and the Logan Act to entrap political enemies. It illegally spies on thousands of Americans. It allowed itself to be used in a smear operation paid for by the Democratic National Committee to interfere in a domestic American election.

Until now, the FBI at least would have made a half-hearted effort to deny its conversion into a leftist political asset. No more. The most powerful law enforcement agency in the United States has literally kneeled to its master in a public display of loyalty. The FBI is so heavily armed and lethal, that it could almost be a branch of the military. It maintains a tactical arsenal that could easily overwhelm the puny Secret Service ceremonially guarding the president. What could a mob of neo-Maoists do with an army of heavily armed FBI agents? The possibilities are endless.

If the FBI is to be an anti-constitutional force in the hands of a mob, then it presents itself as a grave threat to our freedoms and democracy. We’ve known since reading the Strzok/Page text messages almost three years ago that FBI leadership maintains a climate tolerant of politicized law enforcement. “Viva la resistance!” wrote one FBI lawyer days after the election went the “wrong” way. He would later forge evidence to fool a court into renewing a search warrant to continue spying for the resistance. It would have been a crime except that it was done to undermine the current president. So the FBI protected his job and anonymity for years before he was allowed to quietly resign when the heat became unbearable.

Even under its previous director, James Comey, agents never would have bent the knee in public to leftist mobs. They would have understood that the FBI must maintain at least the appearance of political neutrality. But Christopher Wray seems to have taken the revolution to the next level. Apparently he thinks nobody can stop the FBI as it metamorphosizes into a kind of American Red Guard. So he’s allowing units within the FBI to pledge their guns to the cause.

Revolutions might seem romantic and exciting. But they are an unrestrained firehose of political violence. In the later stages, the sellouts and collaborators who hoped to win favor with the revolutionaries will find themselves accused of thought crimes in order to clear a path for the most ruthless elements that inevitably thrive in the chaos and violence. Because when the crime is thought and the burden is on the accused, nothing can protect you from the carnivorous rage of the mob once it is turned in your direction. So many true believers rotted away in Chinese prisons begging and falsely confessing in a vain effort to regain their freedoms.

So what can you do? Do not apologize for the circumstances of your birth. Do not allow strangers to condemn you for beliefs you do not hold. Follow the teachings of your upbringing. If you have one, open your Bible. Two millennia ago, a man conceived of a winning formula for combating hate that doesn’t involve violence and dividing groups based on race. Do not allow your workplace to be turned into a clearinghouse for neo-Maoist propaganda. And above all else, do not debase yourself and bend the knee to the mob. There’s no redemption in it.


This article has been republished with permission from American Greatness.

[Image Credit: Flickr-Shinsuke Ikegame, CC BY 2.0]

Image Credit: [Image Credit: Flickr-Shinsuke Ikegame, CC BY 2.0]
Adam Mill

Adam Mill

Adam Mill is a pseudonym. He works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. Adam graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri.

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Sam Dickson
The FBI has always been like a good dog. It serves its owner. It snarls at those its owner does not like. One definite benefit of the Trump Presidency has been to open the eyes of millions of founding stock Americans and their allies to the reality of the FBI as opposed to the tv image most of them have gullibly embraced. This is progress. The FBI's coziness with the likes of our current Anti-Fa or Red Guard is not new. It has a long history. The FBI has rendered huge service to our (mis)rulers by intimidating and frightening genuine dissidents. For several generations the FBI has "visited" people who dissented on issues that really matter (race, immigration, Middle East policy) to have a little chat. A friend of mine back in 1967, a 10th grader in an all White area of northern Alabama, shared some pamphlets on the race issue with some classmates. 2 days later TWO (not merely 1) FBI agents showed up at his parents' house to talk with them and their 16 year son about their "concern" for his future well being. This kind of thing has been routine practice for the FBI. The FBI has NOT done this to young leftists or even Communists. It has reserved this kind of treatment for dissidents who touch the electric rail by dealing in issues that the System knows are critical. Keep an eye on your media. Reports like the following are routine: "Hate pamphlets have been distributed in Doraville. The FBI's local field agent says the agency is investigating..." Really? By "hate pamphlet", of course, is meant anything that is critical of the politically correct position on issues like race or immigration. What business is it of the FBI that an American citizen is exercising his right of freedom of speech? None. The FBI is not the friend of real Americans. It never has been. And as with the Flynn and Stone cases intelligent people must now see how dangerous it is even to TALK to an FBI agent.