Indicators Show Totalitarianism in America Is Just Around the Corner

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“NYC, what is it about you?” the old song from the musical Annie starts, going on to say, “No other town in the whole forty-eight can half compare to you.”

It seems New York City is doing its best to keep this reputation of uniqueness intact with its rollout of what Mayor Bill de Blasio “called a first-in-the nation vaccine mandate for private companies.” Employees of any private NYC company will have just three weeks to get the official jab in order to keep putting food on the table, a New York CBS affiliate reports.

Such an announcement will likely bring panic to some and rejoicing to others. But regardless of the camp you find yourself in, this announcement provides a clue … a clue to where we are in the march to totalitarianism.

Urging other state officials to follow in his footsteps, de Blasio and his team of expert helpers touted the benefits of the mandate. Particularly noteworthy is the statement by Dr. Zeke Emanuel, who said that “getting the unvaccinated vaccinated is critical to getting our control. We know that will not happen voluntarily.”

The operative word there is “control.”

De Blasio and his cohorts seem not to have learned that such vaccine mandates are quite ineffective at controlling the virus for a couple of reasons. First, they are ineffective at the government level because courts are increasingly calling their constitutionality into question. This was recently seen both in the mandate for companies with more than 100 employees and the mandate for health workers at hospitals receiving federal funding, which have been halted by judges responding to the multitude of lawsuits filed over the issue.

Vaccine mandates are increasingly unable to control things on the health and medicinal side as well, simply because the vaccines themselves are proving more and more ineffective, a fact former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson documents in his new book, Pandemia. Putting trust in vaccines was a problem from the beginning, Berenson explains, for even the trials that the drug companies used to test the vaccines in the early stages were flawed, giving an unclear picture of the shot’s true effectiveness.

Instead, Berenson writes, the trials showed that both vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna “cause serious side effects in many people, especially after the second shot.” Berenson likens “the sudden collapse of the mRNA vaccine efficacy in the summer of 2021” to something out of classical literature where hubris gets its comeuppance in a harrowing way.

Yet as these attempts to control the virus through mandates fall apart on different levels, government officials, such as those in New York City, persist in seeking to “control the virus” through vaccine mandates. What they may or may not realize, however, is that in their quest to control the virus, they seem to have fallen prey to wanting to control the masses whom they apparently view as their subjects.

It is this desire to control that gives us a hint as to where we are on the totalitarianism timeline. The good news is, judging from philosopher Hannah Arendt’s book, The Origins of Totalitarianism, that we aren’t quite there yet. The bad news is that our leaders have a thirst for totalitarianism and are inching ever closer. It is these same leaders—our elite—that Arendt says are “attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself; the masses have to be won by propaganda.”

Arendt goes on to explain the role control plays in a regime of true totalitarianism:

Wherever totalitarianism possesses absolute control, it replaces propaganda with indoctrination and uses violence not so much to frighten people (this is done only in the initial stages when political opposition still exists) as to realize constantly its ideological doctrines and its practical lies.

Given that statement, it would seem we—particularly New York City—are only in the opening act of totalitarian rule. Clearly political opposition to vaccine mandates still exists and as such, government officials are using propaganda and attempting to strongarm the citizenry through fear—fear of the virus, fear of losing a job, fear of ostracization. When the government gains the full control that right now it is grasping so hard to get, we will know by the fact that propaganda is replaced with indoctrination and violence is used to realize its ideologies and lies.

Those who have gone before us and witnessed totalitarianism unfolding before their eyes—such as Hannah Arendt—have left warning signs and indicators of totalitarianism as it emerges. The question is whether we will have eyes to see, courage to fight, and wisdom to even care enough to rally the troops and herd them away from the cliff.


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Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist is the editor of Intellectual Takeout. When not writing or editing, she enjoys reading, gardening, and time with family and friends.

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Margaret Owen
"What they may or may not realize, however, is that in their quest to control the virus, they seem to have fallen prey to wanting to control the masses whom they apparently view as their subjects." Consider the possibility that it was ALWAYS about wanting to control the masses, their subjects, and that the virus has, in the minds of many actors, become a terribly convenient - and possibly deliberate - reason to do so and get away with it.


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― Ronald Reagan


South Dakota doesn’t play well with east or west coast others. There’s nothing to see here.


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Jack Boteler
It’s all a ruse; the quintessential “Big LIE”. Joseph Goebbels, eat your heart out. Connect the dots and you can see the real objective of the Coronavirus and the bioweapon referred to as the Covid Vaccine…,


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Both as a retired member of the medical establishment AND as a former specialist in CBRN medical defense affairs, I view all the heated political kerfuffle over 'vaccine mandates' with considerable derisive disdain. Vaccine mandates and mandatory masking proclamations are most emphatically NOT a matter of civil rights denied. And why is that? Simply because all of these remedial measures are a response to a genuinely serious public health emergency. When it comes to the point where extreme conservatives start to head for the gun locker to 'protect their "God-given" rights under American democracy', I must regard that as a symptom of mass populist ignorance. And I say that as a conservative myself. Regrettably, we live in a narcissistic, self-focused age where well-documented facts/exhaustively researched evidence no longer acts as a reality check/balance against dangerously misinformed and usually highly emotional (baseless) opinions. Given that those who so ferociously defend the 'right' to refuse to submit to preventive measures that promote the greater good (emphasis, emphasis), on the argument that their 'right to choose' is being denied them, we might as well collectively start jumping off the cliff of reasoned logic like the good little Lemmings that so many of us are. Besides, given our relatively brief history of only several thousand years of 'civilised' behavior in this teeny, tiny part of the Universe, the planet is probably much better off without Homo sapiens (surely an evolutionary oxymoron, if ever there were one!) to further muck up the place. At such moments of reflection, I can't help but ruefully reflect that even our marvelous canine companions DON'T defecate in their kennels (like their human masters).


perhaps in the old USSR or NAZI Germany with Lysenko and Mengele running the "science" shows you wouldn't have to speak out like this. As the article points out, we are quickly headed there. Our era of post normal science has reopened that door for the Lysenkos and Mengeles to be placed into office. Luckily, there are truth tellers still left to counter the official lies and deception
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Kalikiano,I am very curious where you are getting your information considering what you call "well-documented facts/exhaustively researched evidence" that supports lockdowns and universal masking seems to show the opposite of what you claim based on all the evidence I have read. Also people defending basic human rights, especially for posterity, seems to be far from "narcissistic and self focus" although maybe some are, that are against these measures, I am however not.
Ken LaFave
Your anti-human, pro-state attitudes reveal that you are in no meaningful way a conservative. Nor do you embrace facts. The "pandemic" so called has resulted in a death rate so low that to halt society on its account is tantamount to committing suicide over a zit.