It's Time to Raze the Colosseum

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A number of statues have recently been destroyed or vandalized to protest racism and slavery. I thought that it might be good to think big and work towards eliminating the biggest monument of all, the Colosseum. I’ve created a petition at change.org. If you agree, please sign it. Below is the text.

Memorializing genocidal monsters, slave traders, and racist bigots obviously perpetuates systemic racism.

Tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, the architect of Native American genocide, throwing statues of British slave merchants into a river, defacing statues of Captain Cook, and renaming military bases named after racist Confederates all constitute a good start toward reimagining a just society.

But only a start.

An eminent historian puts the case for monument repurposing: “Every statue and street and building must be renamed … And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which we are always right.”

But repudiating the West’s shameful legacy of oppression will always reek of insincerity until we eliminate ALL of its grotesque memorials constructed by men (all men, be it noted) whose careers were built on genocide, slavery and probably transphobia as well.

Chief among these is Rome’s Colosseum. With 5 million visitors every year, it is one of the world’s best-known glorifications of slavery.

Construction began under the emperor Vespasian in AD 72 and was completed in AD 80 under his successor and heir, Titus. It could be argued that Vespasian and Titus rivaled Hitler as anti-Semites. According to contemporary sources 1.1 million Jews were murdered in an anticipation of the Holocaust and Jerusalem was razed to the ground.

The Roman army enslaved some 60,000 Jewish freedom fighters and used them as construction workers for Vespasian’s wholly unnecessary vanity project, the Colosseum. All of them died.

That was just the beginning of the Colosseum’s squalid role in Roman genocide and slavery. An estimated 400,000 enslaved gladiators died to entertain the emperors over 390 years – plus 1 million animals, confirming that abusing humans inevitably leads to animal abuse as well.

Every visitor to the Colosseum is complicit in its dark history. Every year that it continues to exist, it normalizes the horror of genocide and slavery.

We call upon the United Nations, UNESCO and the Italian Government to raze the Colosseum to the ground, use its materials to make low-cost housing and replace it with a rewilded green space. Nothing less can be accepted as a way of making reparation for its grisly history. This will be a gigantic step forward toward reimagining a society free from systemic lack of goodness.

I’ve created a petition at change.org. If you agree, please sign it.


This article has been republished from MercatorNet under a Creative Commons license.

[Image Credit: White House photo by Chris Greenberg, public domain]

Image Credit: [Image Credit: White House photo by Chris Greenberg, public domain]
Michael Cook

Michael Cook

Michael Cook likes bad puns, bushwalking and black coffee. He did a B.A. at Harvard University in the U.S. where it was good for networking, but moved to Sydney where it wasn’t. He also did a Ph.D. on an obscure corner of Australian literature. Currently he is the editor of BioEdge, a newsletter about bioethics, and MercatorNet. He also writes a bioethics column for Australasian Science.

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Beautifully composed article. Hoping the unhinged don’t see this... would be added to list of demands by Seattle anarchists. (theres a little truth in every jest)


Northern Sentinel
Over my dead body


I'm sure you have a lot of good friends and family who will be at your funeral. Put yourself in other's shoes and tried to understand what these symbols mean and how it makes people feel. There may be something that works in the middle, but unless you've been the subject of racist actions, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
Time to tear down the pyramids. Maybe tear down Jerusalem since Jews were tied to the slave trade. Bring down Buckingham Palace and the Monarchs who started the European slave trade. Make Africa pay reparations for starting the slave trade. Bring down Islam for all the slaves they had, after all, Islam was the biggest trader of slaves. Destroy the Democrat Party. They installed Jim Crow laws and started the KKK. Finish off the Native American tribes. As well as any ancestors of the Aztecs. They all enslaved people. Lets destroy Babylon and Sumeria. They also had slaves. Shut down all multinational corporations in China and India. They employ slave labor.. in fact, lets just blow the entire planet up and start over. But lets make sure no soy boys or weak liberals survive. Because you people are a CANCER. You are the destroyer of cultures. If you can't elevate yourselves, you want everyone else brought down to your level.


Excellent comment. You took the words right out of my mind -- I'm thinking the same thing. If the mob can't handle history and historic people and things, then they should be adult enough to admit it, and to ignore that which pains them so much. I really wonder if this article was meant to satirize all the terror and destruction happening by the unruly, uncivilized fools who are rioting a destroying anything that bothers their small, childish minds.
Surely you jest, sir!


I assumed that this article was satire and checked to see the masthead of the publication, but to my surprise it was Intellectual Takeout and not the Babylon Bee. Is this I.T.'s first foray into comedy?