Nearly 1 in 4 College Students Say They’ll ‘Likely’ Protest If Trump Wins

Around 40 percent of college students said they will likely or certainly protest if President Donald Trump wins the election, according to an Axios poll released Friday.

Exactly 22 percent of students surveyed said they are likely to protest and 17 percent said they will protest should Trump win the 2020 election, the College Reaction/Axios survey found. More students, 30 percent, said they would not protest if Trump won and 31 percent said they are not likely to protest a Trump victory.

“The dissatisfaction with the status quo is also reflected by the number of students who are willing to protest Trump reelection with 40% of college students saying they will likely or certainly participate in protests,” the survey said.

Only 1 percent said they are “absolutely certain” to protest if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the election, according to the survey. Almost three quarters, 70 percent, said they “absolutely will not” protest if Biden wins the 2020 election.

The survey also found that 2 percent said they are likely to protest while 27 percent said they are unlikely to protest should Biden win.

When asked, “If someone you know does not vote even though they can, will you address, confront, or otherwise convey disappointment towards them?” more than half, 61 percent, said that they would or probably would, according to the survey.

Almost a quarter, 24 percent, said they probably will not confront nonvoting acquaintances and 16 percent said “definitely not” for the same question, according to the survey.

“We found that young people are bummed by the state of the nation. More than 75 percent believe race relations, America’s standing in the world, and safety have plunged since 2016,” Cyrus Beschloss, founder of College Reaction, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Most students support Joe Biden, so a Trump win would naturally sting most. But what we learned is that it would also spark swift demonstrations, rather than empty rants. Civic engagement is cool now,” Beschloss continued.

The survey was conducted via email Oct. 6-7 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percent. The poll was done “from a representative sample of 872 college students,” according to the survey methodology.


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Mary Rose Corkery

Mary Rose Corkery is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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East Atlanta
So, they are willing to protest a free and democratic vote. Makes one wonder what outrage they will protest next.


Of course a lot of them will protest - they aren't working for one reason or the other - what better thing could they be doing with their time ... besides filing for government handouts.


These spoiled brats shouldn't have the right to vote. They're ignorant of US history & civics & the duties of US citizens toward their nation. They want to live under communism because their commie professors have taught them that's a "worker's paradise." They're too stupid to know they're being lied to, nor would they care if they did know.