We Are All Running Out of Time

October 19. 2021

You’ve seen it in the news, or read it on social media, or maybe even overheard someone anxiously talking about it with a friend.
The elite and their minions are grabbing power and lashing out at ordinary Americans – unlike anything we’ve seen.
As parents across the country finally learn the truth about what is going on in schools, the Justice Department is moving in to target them as “domestic terrorists.”
As more families face financial strife due to authoritarian vaccine mandates and inept economic policies, the IRS is moving in to spy on citizens’ bank accounts.
As even mainstream media sources start reporting on the “alarming” decline of the Biden administration, the president and his radical-left henchmen look for new ways to crack down on opposition and create a two-tiered justice system.
These are the actions of rulers who fear dissent, who seek not to serve we the people but to control us.
At Charlemagne Institute, we are committed to thwarting the enemies of liberty, order, and foundational American principles in their quest for power.
Pedro Gonzalez, our firebrand associate editor of Chronicles magazine, regularly appears on Tucker Carlson Tonight—the most popular news show in the country—to bring attention to abuses of power by government officials and corporate interests alike. Paul Gottfried, Chronicles esteemed editor-in-chief, just released a new book, Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade, which may be the most comprehensive book on the modern radical left to date. We’re hiring, we’re hosting town hall-style events, and we’re exploring new ways to support young people who are struggling to find their way in our rapidly-deteriorating culture.
Above all, we want to make sure we keep reaching more people every day, because every day matters.
In the next ten days, we aim to sign up another 250 members and raise another $15,000. For just $60 a year, you can become a Charlemagne member and receive a 12-month subscription to Chronicles. If you take the next step and become a Charlemagne sustaining member, you’ll be playing a critical role in helping our advocacy for Middle America reach more people than ever.
Please, join us. We are all running out of time.





Devin C. Foley
CEO, Charlemagne Institute
If you have any questions, please email contact@charlemagneinstitute.org or call us at (952) 388–0840.