The Botched Crisis on Our Hands

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Be careful what you wish for.

That’s a lesson WXYZ-TV Channel 7, an ABC affiliate in Detroit, is learning the hard way. It recently posed this question to its viewers: “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”           

At the time of writing, over 200,000 comments were posted on the station’s Facebook page.             

The replies were probably not what WXYZ was expecting.           

Many of the respondents took the station to task for its interest only in the deaths of the unvaccinated, accusing the writers of ignoring those who were vaccinated and also died of COVID. But most eye-opening among these comments is the large number of responders who described the death or crippling illness of a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance as a result of having received the vaccine.           

Having heard this story on some talk radio show, I investigated online, found Megan Fox’s article “ABC Detroit Asks for Stories of COVID Deaths Among the Unvaccinated and Got More Than They Bargain For,” and from there went to the station’s Facebook page.

Here are a few quotes from Facebook that Fox cites in her article:           

Audrey Tarrance Ravenna wrote, ‘After the vaccines were available, 3 family members did their duty and got vaccinated. One suffered 2 strokes, one suffered neurological problems/tremors, one suffered a pulmonary embolism. All three died.’ She went on to add that she doesn’t know anyone who has had COVID except herself and she survived.           

Here are some taken directly from Facebook:           

Hilary Simpson: I lost my aunt to the Pfizer vaccine. CDC verified. VERS documented.           
Noelle Foster: My dad flatlined after his second dose of Moderna.         
Bonnie McLean: After the v were available…someone I care about suffered from severe memory loss After the second shot. A medical doctor could no longer remember where they lived or how to get home. Memory has yet to return. One life destroyed, and that life affected many others. But lives don’t matter to you, you just seem eager to celebrate the death of the unv’d.           

All of these reports are anecdotal and cannot be statistically evaluated, though Megan Fox did contact Audrey Ravenna and writes:

PJ Media did reach out to many of them and heard from Ravenna right away. ‘I have direct knowledge of these three people,’ she said. ‘One is my daughter-in-law’s mom who died 10 days ago. She had two Pfizer shots in the spring, a brain aneurism on April 8.’ During the recovery process, the patient had another stroke, which totally paralyzed her. The neurologist did a brain MRI, according to Ravenna, and said there were what appeared to be signs of Alzheimer’s. But the patient had no Alzheimer’s symptoms. The family tried to report the event to the VAERS database, which keeps track of vaccine injury reports, but was unable to because no doctor would recognize a correlation.
The other two who died had complicating issues. Ravenna’s brother-in-law was morbidly obese and contracted COVID after getting vaccinated. He did not recover. The third family member to suffer was another in-law of Ravenna’s. ‘She was under chemo for late-stage breast cancer.’ When the patient received the vaccine, Ravenna says she developed a neurological reaction that caused tremors. She died soon after.           

These stories are not constrained to consumers of WXYZ news, either. They correspond to one of the recent Project Veritas undercover videos, showing hospital medical staff talking about how the vaccines are causing great harm and sometimes death to the patients they are treating. Deleterious vaccine side effects are not limited to the U.S. either, as a recent video out of Israel testifies, with numbers of people sharing their stories of blood clots, heart problems, skin issues, and menstrual problems following their vaccine shots.

Is the vaccine killing or crippling Americans and others? Some folks certainly think so. I myself have no idea. Yet we do know that the vaccinated can both contract and spread COVID—most experts agree on that position—and that taking the vaccine only lessens the effects of the virus.           

So here’s the real question: Why the mandates to get everyone vaccinated? What’s the motive here? If I don’t want to take the shot, given what I perceive as the evidence of its effectiveness, nobody should really care. After all, do we really believe the government is truly concerned about our health? Why not do as we’ve always done when faced with a flu virus and leave the jab up to an individual’s conscience?           

Meanwhile, in India deaths and hospitalizations from the Wuhan virus have plummeted. Why? Because the government of India permitted the widespread use of Ivermectin to treat early cases. See the graphs here and be prepared to be astonished.

Once again comes the question: Why the need to force vaccinations on us?

And another question we should all be asking: How did our “experts”—our virologists, the Center for Disease Control folks, the government, Big Pharma, and others—so badly botch this crisis?


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Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick lives in Front Royal, Virginia, and may be found online at He is the author of two novels, Amanda Bell and Dust on Their Wings, and two works of non-fiction, Learning as I Go and Movies Make the Man.

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I have wondered the same for a long time, but finally have come to the conclusion that, far from “botching” anything, they have arrived - or are arriving - at the result they wanted. It’s the only reasonable explanation for all the mandates, the incentives, the force, and the requirements. I know that makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but long ago I learned: when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras. In this case, the “horses” are overwhelming, but we can hardly believe that this much evil could exist.


It is always refreshing, and enlightening, to read experts weighing in on these issues. But what might be missed here is that before anyone dies, or has a stroke, or seizure they were doing something. They also likely have some disease, or malady or have made lifestyle choices. So when we read these experts, above, report receiving a vaccine and then having a stroke or heart attack or dying, one must ask what else they might have been doing that day or other "comorbidity" they might have. Every 40 seconds someone in the USA has a stroke. Or about 800k/year. Around 3 million people die/year in the USA. 659k die from heart disease, 600k from or with cancer. All of these were doing something before this tragic event. Some just ate macaroni and cheese for lunch. Some just went for a walk or took a nap or snorted cocaine. What was causative? During the early days of this pandemic there was much attention brought to whether someone died with or from Covid19. I suspect that many of the same people who are now attributing every bad event, adverse event, after the vaccine "jab" as being caused by the vaccine are the same who said you can't say that just because someone tested positive to COVID that they died from or were hospitalized because of COVID. These all need to be carefully adjudicated. Much discussion has already gone into this issue, but it is interesting nevertheless to consider these points. A friend of mine just had a stroke while driving his car. Was the car drive the root cause? Or was it the game of pickleball he played earlier? Or was it his long-standing hypertension? Or was it a cryptogenic stroke? Or was it the news station he was listening to on his car radio?


People were doing all those things before 2019 and the VAERS data base has been near flatline for the last 20-30 years. Then in 2020 it spikes after the introduction of the experimental drug being pushed as a vaccine and you go with "correlation is not causation"
Jeff, as somebody who was fully vaccinated (Pfizer) on 5.19.21, I largely agree with your assertion that I really shouldn't care whether others around me are vaccinated. The only thing that concerns me, is that every time SARS/CoV-2 replicates is an opportunity for it to mutate. God forbid, it mutates into something more lethal, refractory to treatment or resistant to vaccines. Then the whole world is back to step one and facing a much more dangerous adversary.


Viruses rarely mutate to be "more deadly" unless they pick up something from a host or artificially mutated (ie gain of function). Introducing a "vaccine" at the height of a pandemic will do just that.
I too know a generally healthy older man, 82, whose reaction to shot number 1 of the Moderna vaccine put him in the hospital where he almost died. On the other hand I got two of the Pfizer shots and am happy I did. I cannot explain the differing reactions. Some vaccine hesitancy is not irrational. It’s also not irrational nor sinister, in my view, for the govt entities and other large institutions to push the virus. I understand that both the degree of shedding and duration of contagiousness are dramatically lessened with the vaccine. Bottom line: fewer people will get sick, become hospitalized, and die if more people get vaccinated.


Because vaccines reduce symptoms of infected persons, the apparent infection rate declines because some people, that have been vaccinated don't to seek treatment for minor symptoms that would most likely be more severe had they not taken a vaccine.
This is a fine collection of unconnected anecdotes ! The kind of stuff that makes social media so much fun ! And worthless and dangerous. I am a conservative and not a big government or mass media fan . . .but I do not believe that if there was any real evidence that vaccines were dangerous, that those two organizations could effectively suppress that info. This is 'tin foil hat' conspiracy inventing/propogating taken to the extreme. It is not as easy as people suggest to suppress real information in our world, but it's very easy to create and propagate tittilating falsehoods such as this one. Per some past great wordsmith . . ."A lie can travel around the World, before the truth can put on its pants"