The Woke Revolution’s Memo on Mass Shootings

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Memo in light of recent events, for the immediate attention of all political and media leaders aligned with the Woke Revolution, which is to say, just about all of them:

Mass shootings like those that just took place in Atlanta and Boulder are a tragedy, of course. But they are also one of the best propaganda tools for the contemporary Woke Movement to advance the agenda, if framed and discussed properly. As you know, the Woke Revolution believes that no crisis (i.e. opportunity for propagandizing) should ever pass without harnessing it to our agenda. The following guidelines, produced by experts in Woke Thought and Activism, delineate the best way to talk about mass shootings:

  • When information on specifics is limited, the best practice is to blame easy access to guns, pledging to curtail that access. Use the opportunity to blast the National Rifle Association and other groups that advocate for Second Amendment rights.
  • Give editorial space to ideologues masquerading as scholars who can frame the American constitutional right to gun ownership as a “public health crisis.”

SUMMARY: When in doubt, it’s always the guns. The Woke Revolution believes there are too many guns (in the hands of citizens, that is—members of the cultural elite will of course need armed guards to keep themselves safe) and citizen disarmament is a righteous and undisputable goal.


When basic demographic information is known about the suspect, rigorously adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If the suspect is a white male, especially if any information can be found on his social media accounts to indicate he is not fully devoted to the Woke Agenda, describe him as part of a general white and male supremacist terror threat. No further corroboration of this charge is ever needed.
  • Confidently talk about a neat, strong causal connection between “right wing” culture and rhetoric and the suspect’s murderous acts. No argument to show causality is needed. In fact, any effort at careful demonstration of this complex point will just confuse and bore Woke and Woke-sympathetic readers and listeners, so just aggressively claim it, without argument, over and over and over.
  • If the suspect is not a white male, but a member of any privileged minority victim group (e.g., black/BLM, Muslim, LGBTQ, Antifa), avoid making note of these demographic facts. Especially avoid any discussion of this if the suspect’s name suggests his demographic status (e.g., ethnicity or race, religious affiliation, immigration status).
  • If there is any evidence that the suspect displayed characteristics that can be described as “mental illness,” focus determinedly on this.
  • Rely on allies in major media firms to eliminate or limit access to information that might show the suspect’s connection to privileged minority groups and/or Woke Ideas, making it possible for citizens to independently verify information we give them. The suspect’s minority victim status can only ever be invoked in one way: as an explanation and justification for his acts.
  • Emphasize the structural oppression which forced the suspect to become violent, and then advocate for stringent restrictions on public expression of white supremacist values and beliefs.
  • In no case is it permissible to suggest a causal theory for the suspect’s actions that parallels the logic outlined above for white suspects. It can never be the case that Woke Culture and Rhetoric about how horrible a society America is for everyone who is not a straight white male contributed to the resentment of the suspect and thereby to his murderous acts. The best practice is to continue to claim that “no information about motives is available at this time,” no matter how much such information there might be.

SUMMARY: White male suspect = hate crime and clear causal effect of right-wing rhetoric. Non-white male, approved victim population suspect = motive unknown, perhaps mental illness, provoked by oppression, “America is a hateful white supremacist country,” rhetorical background irrelevant.

Please attend to the guidelines outlined in this document at all times. The eyes of the Woke Revolution are upon you.


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Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley is a professor of sociology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

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So, some moron radical terrorist kills people and the response is to take guns away from law abiding owners! Why not take cars away from everyone because drunk drivers kill people? There are way more drunk driver killings than gun killings.


So, more guns equal less gun violence? I see. If I buy more raffle tickets, does that decrease my chances of winning, too? If I drink more beer, will I get less intoxicated? Or, maybe the more raindrops that fall, the less chance I have of getting wet? Wait, I know... if you add more gasoline to a fire, it will actually put it out, right? I find it interesting that it's only with guns that more is actually less. Kind of goes against all logic in every other conceivable instance, but I know gun owners are really smart people. As an aside, you gun advocates can talk about "historically low" crime rates all you like, but I can tell you from personal experience that the mass shootings that occur on a regular basis in the US were almost unheard of when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. That's a fact. The idea that "normal" gun deaths have gone down overall doesn't lessen the disgusting reality of kids and random innocents getting gunned down while simply going about their daily lives. You should be ashamed of yourselves that you are willing to sacrifice your own children due to your obsession with your "God-given" right to own a firearm. Yep, just take another one for the 2nd Amendment Team, because it's our God-given right to let you die at the hands of crazed gunmen! You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands! That day will come, and it won't be the Govt that makes it happen, ironically. It will come from other gun owners. Just remember when your loved ones get shot down while buying some milk and eggs that if only a good guy with a gun was there, it never would have happened. You can write that on their tombstones, maybe. You are all fools, fiddling while Rome burns.


Yes and you are the sane one that believes contrary to history that when governments have a monopoly of gun ownership there will be less violence. Governments have a long record of killing its own “citizens “ in much higher proportions than 10 crazed mass murders a year . It’s millions vs thousands . The crazed will still murder whether by knife, black market guns, or rolling pins . The innocent will be preyed on by their neighbors and their rulers. But try to tell that to a woke genius
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So what is the proper "wike" term for all the dem city butchering that happens daily that most black on black?


It's disappointing to see a man of higher education go low to advance partisan discord. We are surely in an age of zeal and cynicism, and nothing in between. There is no common ground; there is no common good. We throw stones and run for the hills where members of our chosen camp applaud and valid our every act like primitive tribes waging existential war. It's animalistic and unworthy of our shared enlightened heritage. Left and Right, we are making the naïve mistake of unilateral treatment of complex social issues. We've lost our ability to effectively communicate; or, more likely, we've effectively dedicated ourselves to a zero-sum dialogue. I could read this piece and assume I know where you stand on the issue of gun rights, unless I wanted to cut through partisanship and actually engage you in a discussion of the issue in all its nuance - something we all should be inclined to do. We may find at the end of such a discussion that we disagree, in which case we should be prepared to compromise (and formally commit to and abide by that compromise). Isn't that the rational thing to do?


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This "man of higher education" has used his exceptional wit, research ability, and robust subject knowledge to clearly delineate how Democrats have initially blamed, with little to no evidence, virtually all 21st-century domestic mass murders committed with a firearm on either a Republican or NRA member--even going so far as to label members of the latter "child killers"! And *authentic Americans*--those who cherish our civil right to keep and bear arms and do so safely+lawfully--applaud him.
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Excellent commentary, Riley! We know the Democrats (aka usvrper c0mmunists) want to completely disarm us despite their mealymouthed lies to the contrary. Overwhelmingly, 21st-century perps of domestic mass killings w/ guns in the USA have been by mentally ill, disaffected men belonging to the Dem0crat Party, no party at all, or a member of one of the donkeys' favorite protected classes of radical Is lam ics. NONE of the killers thus far were GOP nor members of the National Rifle Ass0ciation or any other 2A group, regardless of how their lapdog media wants to spin it. That stat alone is hugely damning to the donks. Now add their Ne0-Marxist BLAMTIFA vi0lent agenda to this mix, and the rest of us can clearly ascertain the DNC's true goal: disarm Americans via slow-boil method to prevent them from forming citizens militias to combat the ever more encroaching, unjust DNC domination and control. But the more the Democrats lie about firearms and their sociopaths who wield them to murder our citizens, the more normal Americans move away from the "domestic threat" these Democrats are increasingly becoming, which is the #1 reason our Founders codified our Second Amendment of course. US Dem0crats, who are Alinsky acolytes to the core, worship Lvcifer just as much as they love cheating, stealing, and lying. Today's Dems call themselves progressive, yet everything they want (e.g., segregation, massive government, cradle-to-grave social welfare, suppression of our freedom of expression, etc.) is cowardly, dependent, and regressive. Donkeys also fear tools that go bang because they fail to understand them. They also despise most owners of firearms, except the criminal ones (like the 3 armed anarchists who tried to kill Kylie). But we've been on to Dems from Day 1, because they failed over time to pursue realistic goals and policies to address the CORE issue: mental illness, which is rampant among men of Democrat and/or radical malcontent persuasion.


Like the Prof, you’re not engaging in civil dialogue, a nonstarter. There are better ways to communicate our disagreements. What’s worse is you claim to be an “authentic American” as if America is a monolithic thing. It isn’t. What make us American is our ability to self-govern, reach consensus, and secure the common good (Life, Liberty, and Happiness) for the greatest number. It took later generations of more progressive Americans to ensure women can vote. Change can be good!