James V. Schall

Rev. James V. Schall SJ taught political science at Georgetown University for many years. He is the author of numerous books. This year he has published The Universe We Think In and On Islam: A Chronological Record, 2002-2018.  

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Alfie Evans, and the Value of a Single Human Life

To many who can recall it, the on-going drama and death of Alfie Evans in the hospital in Liverpool recalls Burt Bacharach’s plaintiff song: ”What’s It All About, Alfie?” That is exactly the right question here. “What’s it all about, when you sort...

Should you retreat from the public square?

For many people the state of America’s presidential campaign is an index of the corruption of our national culture. At the moment, though anything is possible given the fickleness of the electorate, the flawed personal lives and political views of...