Jon Miltimore

Jon Miltimore



Jon is the Managing Editor at the Foundation for Economic Education.

Jon previously was Director of Digital Media of Intellectual Takeout, Senior Editor of The History Channel Magazine, Managing Editor at, and general assignment reporter for the Panama City News Herald. He also served as a White House intern in the speech writing department of George. W Bush.    Jon received degrees from the University of South Dakota (M.A.) and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (B.A.), where he studied history and literature.

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Was Brexit Sparked by Rapes?

Politicians and pundits are still scrambling to understand and explain the reasons behind Britain’s stunning exit from the European Union.   My first thought was the debt crisis in Greece had a lot to do with it. But other explanations...

10 Federal Debt Facts That Will Make You Feel Queasy

It’s no secret that the U.S. government is swimming in red ink. Government statistics show federal debt currently stands at $19.3 trillion. The problem is that the human mind has trouble understanding a figure so huge. Nineteen trillion is just...

Historian Suggests Trump Would Suspend the Constitution

During election season, hyperbole becomes the norm. It doesn’t seem that unusual to see presidential hopefuls accused of fearmongering and demagoguery. Princeton historian Sean Wilentz recently dialed up the rhetoric even more. In a video that...

This is what debate looks like in the Age of Twitter

Last year, my colleague Daniel Lattier wrote an article that touched on the breakdown of rational debate in our culture. He noted that, frustratingly, the most important issues of our time are often the most difficult to discuss rationally....

Do Republicans have any Credibility on Spending?

I recently had dinner with two friends, both of whom are successful attorneys involved in Republican politics. Conversation turned to the presidency of George W. Bush. When I mildly pooh-poohed the president’s record on spending, I was brought...

Australia’s Gun Control 'Success' Story

Australia’s gun control law is a great success, if you haven’t heard. I learned this from a dozen memes that appeared in my Facebook news feed, a conversation with my neighbor, and a slew of media stories. This NBC story, for example, was...

Birth Rates Increased in Schools That Gave Out Condoms

When I was an undergraduate, I recall a few of my roommates going to the campus health department and returning with (literally) a garbage bag full of condoms. (No one in our house was exactly a Casanova, but hey – they were free.) That was...

Does reactance theory explain the rise of Donald Trump?

Psychological reactance, a theory pioneered by the late Jack Brehm,  is based on the idea that humans tend to respond negatively to restrictions on their autonomy or freedom of choice.​ Brehm summed up the theory as follows: [P]eople...

Poll Shows Support for 'Temporary Ban' on Immigration

A Morning Consult poll released Wednesday shows that a majority of Americans support a temporary ban on immigration from many countries in the Middle East. Via Morning Consult: Following the Orlando shooting, [presidential hopeful Donald]...

Can You Pass 5th Grade English?

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