Serena Sigillito

Serena Sigillito is Editor of Public Discourse and a 2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at The Fund for American Studies. In addition to Public Discourse, she has written for a variety of other publications, such as First ThingsNational ReviewAmericaThe FederalistAleteiaVerily Magazine, and I Believe in Love

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Dear Senator Warren: Don’t Penalize Moms Who Choose to Stay Home with Their Kids

Dear Senator Warren, Congratulations! You’ve been making great progress in your presidential race. As a working mom of two little girls, aged two and three, I’m happy to see a fellow mom in the spotlight, fighting to help middle-class families....

Paid Family Leave Might Reduce Wages: But Does that Matter?

A new study has just been released that, at first glance, seems to undercut the case for paid parental leave. The study compares outcomes for women who gave birth in California in 2004, just before and just after the state’s Paid Family Leave...